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Apr 26 2011 02:19 PM | Karl in Featured
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5 years ago myself and Tony decided to create a community that the members could help manage, relying mainly on their feedback and suggestions to help us develop new ideas.

Before long the site grew in popularity, and we quickly realized we needed another Admin. We decided that Danny was our best choice because he shared our passion for technology. Later we invited Bill to join the team because he brought exclusive content, and because he was willing to contribute in anyway he could.

Unfortunately the birth of my children and marriage prevented me from contributing and the site began to decline. Many members and Staff left because there was no motivation for them to hang around.

I am however pleased to say that this has changed. In December 2010 we worked hard on a new look for Winxperts, and since then we've been looking at new ways we can share our content with you.

Sadly two of the first members of this site are no longer with us. Leo and Charlie were invaluable. Both brought humor and character to the community, and made it worth our time and effort.

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