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[Guide] Download the Welcome Back Package from PSN -----

Jun 11 2011 08:16 AM | Karl in Gaming
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Some have been unsure how exactly to obtain the Welcome Back Package from the Playstation Network, because attempting to download it via the Playstation Store doesn't work.

Step 1. Navigate to 'Playstation Network' on the XMB Menu

Step 2. Scroll up to 'Account Management' and Press X.

Step 3. Go to 'Transaction Management' and Press X

Step 4. Go to 'Services List' and Press X

Step 5. Highlight 'Playstation Network Promotions' and Press X

Step 6. After a second or two, 'Playstation 3 Free Games' should Appear. Again, Press X

Step 7. You will see a little button on the next screen that says 'Select Content'. Press X

You can now choose and download from the available titles.

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