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Chrome to debut on Android -----

Aug 24 2011 06:28 AM | Karl in Google
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At the moment, the default browser that ships with the Android platform is based on an open-source browser engine "WebKit", but this could be about to change.

A post spotted by TechCrunch suggests that Google Chrome will soon be making its way to Android tablets.

Google's Andrei Popescu wrote in the mailing list message

"We plan to start by setting up a webkit.org build bot that will compile Chromium’s DRT for Android using the Android NDK, SDK and toolchain. We anticipate a reasonably small set of changes to the
Chromium port to achieve this. We’re fully committed to maintaining this new flavor of the Chromium port of WebKit and having a build bot up and running as soon as possible will make this an easier task.
At the same time, we will be removing the existing incomplete Android port. This includes the Android-specific code in WebCore/platform/android, as well as any code guarded by the PLATFORM(ANDROID) macro.

We're looking forward to a much better collaboration with the WebKit community,"

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