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New Youtube Design in the Works -----

Jul 09 2011 05:00 AM | Karl in Google
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While key elements of Youtube have been tweaked and refined, the overall layout hasn't changed too much. It seems however that this could change, with Google testing a new design dubbed 'Cosmic Panda'.

The most noticeable change is that more focus is placed on the videos, now fixed against a dark grey background with options, while comments are against a white background below. Users can choose to show 'Comments' or alternatively 'Suggested Videos'.

Posted Image

User Channels have been given a similar makeover, with important information and functions being placed against a dark grey background, while other content is against a white background.

Posted Image

It isn't yet known if Google intend to replace the current Youtube design with 'Cosmic Panda'. That said, the new look certainly brings some interesting changes that in our opinion should be welcomed.

Try Cosmic Panda Yourself

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