A Year of Uncertainty for Nokia, Windows Phone...
May 31 2011 01:17 PM in Hardware
Views: 3327
Nokia certainly has a lot to contend with this year, with sales and popularity in decline.In fact, things have deteriorated so quickly, that the stricken corporation is refusing to forecast its financial outlook for 2011.The main issue Nokia face right...
By Karl With 3 comments   
AMD To Ship Itís 6-Core Server CPUs
Jun 01 2009 03:15 PM in Hardware
Views: 3177
At a press conference from its Round Rock headquarters this morning, AMD made good on one of its most important promised milestones: Itís preparing to deliver its six-core Opteron server processors, which will beat Intel to market with the first drop-i...
By Computerpro2 With 0 comments   

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