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A Year of Uncertainty for Nokia, Windows Phone 7 Switch Q4 -----

May 31 2011 01:17 PM | Karl in Hardware
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Nokia certainly has a lot to contend with this year, with sales and popularity in decline.

In fact, things have deteriorated so quickly, that the stricken corporation is refusing to forecast its financial outlook for 2011.

The main issue Nokia face right now is that its devices currently use the soon to be abandoned Symbian platform, which pails in comparison to the likes of Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS.

People no longer see Symbian as a viable option and although Nokia intends to introduce new features, later this year it will be switching over to Windows Phone 7. This means that everything including its financial security are in a state of limbo, with consumers finding little cause to purchase Nokia handsets at this moment in time.

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