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A quick look at Linux Mint Debian Edition -----

Apr 23 2011 07:16 PM | DJD in Linux
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A bit of info:

Linux Mint Debian Edition(LMDE) comes in two flavours one with the Gnome environment and the other with the XFCE environment.
Both are available in 32bit and 64bit as a live CD.

Now you are probably think what's the difference between Linux Mint 10 and LMDE?
Well first of its based on Debian testing instead of Ubuntu, and secondly its a rolling distribution instead of a frozen one.

A rolling distribution you say? What's that?
Well the idea behind a rolling release system is to have too never re-install your system again.
You download an ISO file, burn it to DVD, install it and never look back, because the biggest advantage you have with a rolling release system, is that its always up-to-date!!!

But that might not always be a good thing, one of the problems you might run into is that some unstable packages get pushed to your system.
Therefore its recommend have some knowledge about Linux.

First impression:

First impression was 50/50 it installed pretty quick, booted up a bit slow, after booting it for the first time i was greeted by a nice welcome screen with some useful links.

View attachment: Screenshot.png

Then i saw that there where updates, loads of updates.
It would have been better if the installer had downloaded the updated packages and installed those instead of the outdated ones on the DVD.

View attachment: Update Manager (as superuser)_005.png

So i went to try to install the updates using the update manager and was greeted with a message saying "Could not apply changes! Fix broken packages first".
Fixed it by opening up a terminal and typing in the following command: (Thank God for the 6 years of experience i have with Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

After that was done, i rebooted and noticed a performance boost and no more broken packages!

View attachment: Screenshot-1.png View attachment: Computer - File Browser_006.png
So now that's fixed i went and took a look a round and saw some things i really liked.
A nice looking menu that even lets you search the repositories and then install them:

View attachment: Menu_002.png View attachment: Menu_001.png View attachment: Menu_007.png

Pre-installed software:

It comes with all the basic applications your average computer user needs:

Browser: Firefox
Email: Thunderbird
Music Player: Rhythmbox
IM: Pidgin
Video: VLC

There is also nice software manager that features user reviews:

View attachment: Software Manager_003.png View attachment: Software Manager_004.png View attachment: Software Manager_001.png


LMDE looks like a solid release it has some need features and overall looks to be pretty stable.
However it has some childhood deceases, so i would only recommend it to end-users and not your everyday newbie.

Links: Homepage Download: 32bit - 64bit


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