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Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal has been released *****

Apr 28 2011 05:49 AM | DJD in Linux
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Today Ubuntu 11.04 has been released by Canonical, this newest release makes use of the Unity Graphical User Interface.
Canonical designed Unity as an alternative to Gnome 3.

Unity makes use of Compiz when capable 3d hardware has been detected if not it reverts to the less prettier Unity 2D.
It also makes use of Global-menus, these are OSX like menus that are suppose to give more vertical free space.
For users who don't like Unity there is an option to switch to Gnome 2.x by selecting the classic desktop at login.

Other things that have changed are the Inclusion of Firefox 4, LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice and the replacement of the Rhythmbox music player for Banshee.

You can test drive Ubuntu Natty Narwhal by downloading the Live CD or giving the cloud version a spin (not available at this time).

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Useful links: Homepage - Download

I suggest downloading Ubuntu by using the torrent files these will give even higher download speeds.

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