Slim Sony Phone to be announced at CES? -----

Jan 03 2011 07:00 PM | Karl in CES
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An incredibly slim Cell Phone from Sony is expected to make an appearance at this CES.

A banner outside the venue shows just part of the new device, giving little away. Its unclear what features the device has and there are no indications as to whether or not it is an Android or Windows Phone 7 device.

Sony Ericsson are expected to make an announcement on Wednesday and some are speculating this is the new 'Playstation Phone'. The device shown however is unlikely to be it, as the Playstation Phone is thought to feature slide out controls, a bit like the keyboard on the Xperia Mini-pro, which would make it much thicker.

Instead it could be the new Anzu or Hallon. Time will tell.

Original Article & Image : pocket-lint

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