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Editorial: The Significance of Windows 10 *****

Oct 15 2014 03:31 AM | Karl in Microsoft
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I was concerned that Microsoft had lost credibility by making its biggest change to Windows, killing off the Start-Menu, only to be forced to bring it back. Now however i'm of the opinion that Microsoft is heading in the right direction.

Windows 8 was a disaster. One can't help but remember the number of people confused by the lack of a Start Button. Less tech savvy users were initially unable to shut down their computer because this function was practically hidden.

Granted, Windows 8.1 brought with it some substantial improvements, but this release only seemed to draw attention to the fact that Windows was now more difficult to use and that Microsoft would have to do something drastic to restore faith in Windows.

Windows 10

I think it's fair to say that people feel like they are using two separate operating systems at times. While explorer and Modern UI coexist, the two rarely if ever seem to interact.

Users have voiced their frustration that Modern UI apps lack the options, preferences and sub-menus that they were used to and have opted to stick with the traditional desktop and programs.


We can see at last there are efforts being made to introduce some UI consistency. Subtle changes such as making the file explorer icon appear flatter with a gradient free look will surely help ease the transition when switching from Modern UI to traditional explorer menu's.

Now it seems Microsoft has spent time improving and tweaking apps, trying to make using the Modern UI apps beneficial.
In the Windows 10 Technical Preview not only can apps be closed (as in Windows 8.1) by clicking the familiar cross in the top right hand corner, these applications can run in an adjustable window instead of just full screen, meaning that they behave like any other program and users can multitask easier.

Microsoft wishes to redefine our experience as an end-user without alienating any more people. Windows 10 does look extremely promising and it should appeal to those reluctant to try Windows 8.

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