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Libya Internet Restored to Normal -----

Aug 23 2011 01:22 PM | Karl in Misc
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According to a CNN Article, Internet Services in Libya have finally been restored fully after months of rolling blackouts and prolonged periods of service outages.
Data gleaned from Google's transparency report, shows a dramatic spike in Libyan usage from 11:30pm (GMT), around the time rebels toppled the remnants of Gadhafi's regime.

Web Monitoring Business Renesys stated "We're still piecing together the data that can confirm or deny much of what's been reported overnight, but one thing is clear: something very strange was going on with Tripoli residents' Internet access,".

The Internet has proved itself invaluable for rebels and protesters, wishing to pass on information quickly. In response to this, Governments have been known to disable Internet access completely, isolating citizens from one another and the rest of the world. When civil unrest broke out in Egypt earlier this year, the Internet was completely disabled for five days. It's suspected the same occurred in Libya.

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