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Community Rules

By Registering an Account with Winxperts.net you agree to abide by our rules as outlined below. It is vital that you read through them carefully prior to posting as failure to follow the rules may result in account suspension, warning or banning. Remember, what may be appropriate for you may not be suitable for others! Under no circumstances should you ignore a member of staff.

Note: The views expressed by members here do not reflect our own and we take no responsibility for them. We are not reliable for any damages that may result from a modification or download. We Reserve the right to change or alter these rules at anytime.

Conduct: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Remain respectful at all times! Do not launch personal attacks on other members, their beliefs or race. Refrain from inciting hatred, encouraging violence & using profanities. Do not provoke others and do not retaliate. Instead approach a member of Staff for assistance.

Pornography/Graphic Material: We aim to promote a healthy community for all members (including minors). Therefore, do not share pornography or material of graphic nature.

Piracy: We do not condone piracy and will not tolerate members using our site as a means to promote it. Do not discuss or ask for help with the circumvention of copyrighted material. (Examples are: Warez, hacks, cracks, keygens, ect.)

Cyber Attacks: Any attempt to cause inconvenience or harm by means of a Virus, Malware or similar to either the site or members will be dealt with severely. The law is on our side in this regard and we will use it to protect ourselves and members where necessary.

Spam, Advertising: At no time will we tolerate the advertising of products or other websites without our explicit consent.

Signatures/Avatars: Please keep your signatures/avatars a decent size. We reserve the right to remove any signature/avatar at anytime.

Remain on Topic: Ensure all posts are relevant to the topic at hand! Should you have something different to say on a different matter, begin a new topic.

One Account per Person: Ensure your password remains private and under no circumstances should you share your account with other members.

(Last Updated: May 7th 2010)
Thanks and we hope you enjoy your stay here
The administration Team