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Nokia Lumia 920 Review

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Posted 07 December 2012 - 01:54 PM

To review a flagship device is always something special, but for us the Nokia Lumia 920 stood out from the crowd. The model we have in our possession is an eye-catching yellow. It is available in other colours such as red, blue or grey. Whatever you choose, it's big, bold and in our opinion, beautiful. 


The first thing we noticed was some may struggle to use the phone comfortably with one hand, as it is larger than most handsets. This is of course because of the glorious 4.5" display the Lumia 920 boasts. 


It feels a tad weighty but that's no show stopper and you soon adjust. The phone is shrouded with a glossy polycarbonate body which blends into the screen seamlessly. 3 touch buttons (Back, Start and Search) can be found on the front. The Back button is an important one which will be used regularly, the other's not so much. On the side of the phone is a volume control button, the power/lock button and finally the camera button. 


The camera works really well and for those of you with unsteady hands, you'll be happy to know that pictures should still come out clear because of the PureView Camera. We put this to the test and we were impressed with the result! The LED Flash is really bright and helps a great deal when taking pictures in darkened areas. Generally speaking, the photos we took came out really well. Being able to record in full HD is made even more special with the PureMotionHD+ Display. 


The PureMotionHD+ Display is bright (ridiculously bright on the highest setting) and everything appears really clear and vivid. In fact, this is probably one of the best screens we've seen on a smart phone. 


Battery life was impressive. Despite using the device frequently for everything from Games, Facebook and so on, it lasted the whole day with just under a third of it's battery left. 


Browsing with Internet Explorer 10 was a pleasure. As with previous versions of Windows Phone, there is no Flash Support but HTML5 is supported out of the box. Annoyingly, there is still no 'quick' way to close Internet Explorer - meaning you are forced to go back through each page you've viewed, or close each tab manually to exit (although you can press the Start Button and leave it running in the background).


Windows Phone 8 is fluid, natural and operates smoothly on the Lumia 920. It actually suits the device with it's bold and colourful menu. There are marked improvements over Windows Phone 7, for example you can now can take screenshots or resize tiles on the start screen.


Nokia's decision to abandon Symbian for Windows Phone is starting to make sense. While the Store doesn't have as many Apps as say, Android or iOS it does have plenty to choose from and should keep you busy. 


The phone is social at heart, with the ability to pull contacts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Outlook. 'What's New' is a social news feed, including your contacts updates and latest photos. This is a nice touch but not necessarily intended to be a replacement for the dedicated applications. 


One nice inclusion with the Lumia is Microsoft Office for managing documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the go. It works well and is extremely easy to get to grips with


Nokia City Lens is brilliant. It was a little inaccurate in our tests but fun all the same. The idea is you use your camera to locate local points of interests around you such as a bar or restaurant. With it you can also view information such as opening times, reviews and contact information. 


Parental Control has now arrived in the form of Kids Corner, which allows you to specify exactly what you want your child to be able to access on your Phone. This is unique to Windows Phone and really makes sense when you think of the number of Apps that cater for the younger audience and while it shouldn't replace parental supervision, it does mean mum and dad can relax a little. 


The Lumia 920 supports 4G which will help pit it against the latest smartphones. 


Would we choose this phone? Yes, absolutely. More importantly, we recommend it


Official Nokia Page


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700-nokia-lumia-920-yellow-front.jpg 700-nokia-lumia-920-yellow-back.jpg



Talk time (3G): 10.8 h
Standby time (3G): 460 h

Height: 130.3 mm

Width: 70.8 mm

Thickness: 10.7 mm

Weight: 185 g


Processor: 1.5Ghz Dual Core Processor

RAM: 1GB Ram

Display: PureMotion HD+ Display - 1280 x 768 (Can be used whilst wearing gloves too!!)

Storage: 32GB 
: 8 Megapixel Autofocus, LED Flash sporting full HD Quality and a 1.3 Megapixel forward facing Camera. 

Microphone: Dedicated Microphone with Active Noise Cancellation

Connectivity: (4G) Quad Band GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0

SD Slots: None

Accelerometer:  Yes
Gyroscope: Yes

Proximity sensor: Yes

GPS Receiver: Yes


Other: 3.5mm Audio Jack, MicroUSB Socket (For charging and syncing device), Built-in Wireless Charging Support (Accessories not included), Voice Guided Navigation


Operating System: Windows Phone 8.0

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